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TAG IN! Changing the way people play sports

The free and easy way to organize and play pickup and team sports in your area.

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Tag In allows users to create and join pickup and team up games in over 60 different sports! Click on a pin to see a game's details and join that game. If you manage or join a team using Tag In you can play against other teams in your area and use our live play-by-play scorecards to keep detailed stats for all your players. Promote your games by collecting fans that get notified when you have an upcoming game so that you can build the cheering section you deserve. Tag in can even help you find refs for your game or get yourself hired as one. All of that and we’re only just getting started. Check out more at the functions section of the website, watch our tutorial or just get out and Tag In!



      Find games in all kinds of sports from soccer and basketball to dodgeball and capture the flag. If your favourite sport doesn’t have a game on the map you can make one and easily invite other people in your area who also like that sport. You can also post your game details on Facebook and Twitter or message friends directly through Facebook Messenger or Tag In Messenger.


      Use Tag In to create or join a team of your friends and play against other teams in your area. Use group messaging to keep your team on the same page or just to pass jokes back and forth. See how many players on a team have confirmed their availability before you join a game or before you accept another team to join yours. Check out different team’s profiles and stats to see what you’re up against before you play.


      Make some extra money using Tag In! By creating games and charging users or teams a small fee to play those games you can turn a profit for every game you create. You can also offer your services to a game as a Referee or Umpire and get paid by the person who’s organizing that game. It’s a great way to make money while having a great time.

    App Features

      Our play by play scorecards streamline and organize the process of keeping detailed stats for both your team and each individual player on it. Players can have as many stats for as many sports on as many teams as they want so your profile can tell people how many home runs you’ve hit, baskets you’ve dunked, goals, assists, averages and percentages. Pretty cool, right?


      Use Tag In to collect fans of you as a player and the teams you’re on. When someone is a fan they get a notification when you’ve got a game coming up so that they can either come play with you or cheer you on from the sideline. Every profile also comes with a trophy case showcasing your Tag In achievements like organizing lots of games, hitting home runs or getting a great review as a referee.


      Get helpful notifications like: when one of your favourite sports has a new game in your area or a reminder when you’ve got a game coming up later that evening. Use requests to receive invitations to games or teams as well as confirm your availability for games your team has joined. Easily manage your notifications and requests so that you only receive the ones that you care about.

    App Features


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Vincent C. Morley

Founder & CEO


As the creative director of Tag In, Vince’s imagination and big picture thinking have been the heart of taking Tag In from a spark of an idea to a growing flame of a business. His years managing restaurants has helped him attain a dutiful sense of efficiency, organization and teamwork…and maybe a hint of impatience ;)


Stuart H. Graham


Since graduating from Mohawk College with an Advanced Diploma in Business Advertising, Stuart has been helping companies grow their sales through social media networking, website development and creative campaigns. He is a focused and dedicated member of the Tag In family… When he’s not coaching his softball team.


Mike Bertiean

Project Management and Backend Developer

Since joining the Tag In family, Mike has been responsible for all things development. His uncanny ability to turn big and seemingly impossible ideas into reality has been the backbone of Tag In. For Mike, not only is anything possible... it's as easy as kicking a soccer ball.


Benjamin Cortens

Lead iOS Developer

Bringing fresh front end ideas to make Tag In stand out from it's competition, Benjamin has been an integral part of the team. His iOS expertise gives us insight into new trends and allows Tag In to maintain an innovative status.


Saif AlJanabi

Graphic Designer

With sharp and modern designs Saif has helped give Tag In it's clean and intuitive user interface. His ability to take sketches and concepts and turn them into professional and functional designs has been an integral part of keeping Tag In moving forward in the right direction.